Do Not Go Back to Sleep

I’m going to say this right out loud: If Clinton had won this election the majority of progressives (myself included) would have rolled over and gone to sleep Tuesday night in secure, smug, complacency. And by “gone to sleep” I mean not fully awake to the seriousness of the social and economic injustices humanity has been enduring long before Trump happened on the scene. It would be business as usual: someone else can take care of these, our government perhaps.

Trump does not have a mandate. Clinton did not have a majority. The majority of our citizenry are those who did not vote at all. The darkness is that most Americans are utterly disengaged.

If you are feeling frightened and confused and despondent—good. Use your discomfort as an impetus to engage with the community. Not your community, the community. Resist your own hatred, misogyny, racism, elitism, greed, fear, and sloth.

I am not saying roll over and give Trump a chance. Do not go back to sleep! I’m saying do the work you believe in, champion the change you want to see, regardless of who is president.