Going West

I come from a lineage of pioneers. How about you? Pioneers who left places for many reasons, but mostly because they didn’t like the governments or religions or economic or environmental conditions surrounding them. When times get tough we pull up stakes and move to the next frontier, set up a temporary utopia with a select group of people until the problems we were avoiding caught up with us and we’d move again. In my short lifetime I moved so far west that I found myself on the other side of the planet for a time. I did not expect to land myself back in Utah, ever again. 

We don’t always get what we want.

I have this to say: there’s no more west. Eventually we have to stand our ground and face what frightens us. Until we do it will keep on chasing us, right around the globe and on to the moon or Mars. It’s our shadow you see. And it’s attached. The brighter the light we shine on it, the easier it is to see it.